Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Why???)

Posted on Jun 8, 2015 in Posts

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Why???)

Disney buys Lucasfilm- The Empire has now crushed the Republic.

Decades of Star Wars Legacy has now been erased, declared non-canon by conquerors who first bought Lucasfilm, dissolved it, and then destroyed anything that would stand in the way of  new movies. Why improve old franchise when you could make a whole new one? To continue the Star Wars metaphor, this is as if The Empire not only took over the Republic, it then used the Death Star to destroy all the planets save a few of the richest ones and then began to slowly build new planets from scratch. It just doesn’t make sense! Disney could create new movies based on what has happened in Legacy, but instead it is making entire new histories!

This is what I see happening in the Star Wars franchise: the effect will be the same as if an awesome book was made into a movie that is only similar to the book because they have the same name. For example, let’s say there’s a book about a thirty-foot tall cat titled Whiskers. I just made that up. Now let’s say a movie comes out that’s “based on the book”. However, it’s about a praying mantis who gets adopted by a human family. Yet it’s “based on the book” and it is also titled Whiskers. The effect of this is that because they are so different, they branch off into separate universes in your mind. There is “The Book” and “The Movie”.  What I foresee happening is that Star Wars will split into two separate factions: Legacy and Canon. Let’s hope they can eventually reconcile their differences and work together.

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  1. I remember my first viewing of “Star Wars.” It was beyond our biggest expectations. Since that time the characters and the vistas have become familiar topics for the family dinner table. I would hate to lose some of them in the conversation! They are old friends. Is it at all possible the new dreams of the Disney people can measure up to the high Lucas standard? I think they can, BUT will they. Some of the “follow-up” offerings with Disney have been a bit lame as they try to tackle controversial trends. Disney has it’s conservative ideal to consider. With the new generation of on-line junkies, the visuals and the stories will have to reach – even stretch to a higher level.
    All that aside, I will definitely want to see the next “Star Wars.” movie!

  2. Legacy forever.

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy the new movie because how could it not be good with J.J. Abrams directing, but it’ll be 2 hours of Star Wars canon vs 23 years of books that are part of Legacy (“Legends”). That means I’ve spent hours, days, weeks, and maybe months with minor characters in the Legacy books.

    I think Canon is going to cheat and pull in a lot of the Legacy characters but within their own stories, so they’ll be a little different. They’ll think this will appeal to fans of Legacy. But I’m not a fan of what they call a retcon- retroactive continuity. Comics do this all the time now, and it’s just annoying. Typically, retcons are done because it will keep familiar characters that the already-fans love and make it easier for non-fans to enjoy since they don’t need to know anything.

    I guess I don’t like entertainment that sets the bar at not knowing anything.

  3. I think that you make many good points. Your viewpoint is obviously shaped by your love for the books and the storyline since the movies came out. I hope that we can enjoy the new movies as well.

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