Camping Scouts

Posted on Jun 8, 2014 in Posts, Scouts

Camping Scouts

I’m really sorry how late this is. I realize this happened a long time ago, but I’m doing it now and that’s what matters. Thank you for reminding me to do this, Ironcraft. Anyway, we went camping on March Twenty-something. I can’t really remember that much about what we did anymore, but we arrived there, set up tents, then had dinner. And desert (s’mores). After that, we did games as it was getting dark, mostly capture the “flag”. After that, I went to bed and I’m not sure what the rest of you did. The next morning, I remembered my duty as Webmaster and took these pictures:

IMG_1681IMG_1682IMG_1681IMG_1679IMG_1678IMG_1677IMG_1676IMG_1675IMG_1674IMG_1673IMG_1672IMG_1671IMG_1669IMG_1668IMG_1667IMG_1666IMG_1665IMG_1664IMG_1663IMG_1662IMG_1661IMG_1660IMG_1659IMG_1658IMG_1657IMG_1656IMG_1655IMG_1654IMG_1653IMG_1652 IMG_1684

Then we took a hike, and then left. If I’m forgetting anything, please comment.

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